Birthday Party Planning

Are you approaching an important milestone? Or perhaps someone dear to you has had a challenging year, and you want to throw a celebration to remind them of how amazing they are!

Planning a party can be stressful, so let us assist you with our list of party organizing tips to ensure the day is truly special.

First and foremost, get organized!

Plan ahead and avoid leaving anything to the last minute. Being well-prepared and organized will help alleviate stress. Let’s delve into various ways to organize a memorable party.

Also, don’t forget to download our party planning checklist and the end of this post!


Alphabet Themed Costumes

For example, let’s say your friend’s birthday is coming up and her name is Sophie. So, a theme you could have is that everyone dresses up as something beginning with ‘S’. This is a really fun theme, and it’s exciting to see what costumes everyone chooses. Themes like this get people talking before the party, and creates a buzzing atmosphere during the party.

Who Doesn’t Love a Tea Party?

An afternoon tea is a lovely, sweet idea (excuse the pun) for someone who isn’t a fan of big crowds or a massive fuss on their birthday. But they enjoy a small gathering with friends and perhaps a little tipple with some sweet treats. Here are some ideas for a themed afternoon tea.

afternoon tea
  • Alice in Wonderland: Get out your prettiest tea set, and give that special someone their very own wonderland tea party. Some other ideas could be tying labels onto little bottles of drinks reading ‘drink me’, and labels on small cakes or macaroons reading ‘eat me.’ You could even go that step further and make it fancy dress, so everyone can pick a character to dress as. Any excuse to dress up!
  • Wizard of Oz: For this theme you can get really creative! For the sweet treats, why not make biscuits with ruby slippers on, or cupcakes with a witches hat on top.
  • Harry Potter: Another popular theme for many parties, but why not a afternoon tea! If not specifically Harry Potter, then you can simply go with a wizard or magic theme. But if you are sticking with Harry Potter, you could have the invitations designed as Marauder’s Maps or a Hogwarts acceptance letter. For the drinks and foods, there are variety of things to create for the theme. Such as, butterbeer or chocolate frogs.


Often, you will find parties with a Disney theme. But why limit the costumes to just Disney characters when you can include all fairy tales? By embracing a wider range of magical stories, you can create the ultimate fantasy world for a truly unforgettable birthday celebration.

Imagine a party where guests can dress up as any character from beloved fairy tales. Cinderella can dance with the Big Bad Wolf, while Snow White shares stories with the Little Mermaid. Encourage creativity and let everyone choose from a variety of characters from classic fairy tales and folklore from around the world.


The best parties were in the Roaring 20s, so why not try and re-create that glamorous era? A gold, black, and white color scheme would be perfect for this theme, complemented by vintage props to set the scene. This type of party is aimed at adults, making themed cocktails an excellent idea. Here are some cocktail suggestions to match the 1920s vibe:

  • Old Fashioned
  • Prosecco
  • Gin Fizz
  • Mint Julep

Transport your guests back to the jazz age for an unforgettable celebration.

Murder Mystery Party

Do you know someone who reads lot of crimes novels, or watches a lot of suspense-filled TV shows. Or maybe you know someone who is a Cluedo legend. If so, this would be a good theme to have! Here is how you would do it:

  1. First off, pick a scene. This could be set at a ball, a Halloween horror or perhaps a classic hollywood whodunit.
  2. Take a look online and find a murder mystery game kit. The kit will provide you with character descriptions, scripts and instructions. Or, if you don’t want to buy a kit, feel free to create your own!
  3. Provide each guest with their character sheet and prepare the clues that will be revealed throughout the night.
  4. The party: once everything is set up, the guests will all introduce their characters, and then will start discussing with each other to gather information.
  5. In the last part of the evening, guests will be able to make their final guesses.

How To Plan a Birthday Party

  1. Set a budget: Determine how much you want to spend and then break down the budget for venue, food, drinks, decorations and entertainment.
  2. Send out invites in advance: Get organized! Give your guests plenty of notice. You can never be too prepared, so by giving people notice, you are also giving yourself notice, especially if there are few people who cannot come.
  3. Plan the menu: This goes hand in hand with planning in advance and sending out invitations early, as it allows you to identify any dietary requirements.
  4. Entertainment: Decide what entertainment you are going to have, which will also depend on the theme you choose. You might decide to have music, such as a DJ or a band, or include games and activities.
  5. Have a checklist: Keep yourself organised, and write down everything you need to book, buy and do. Tick them off as you go, and you can’t go wrong.

What About Winter Birthdays?

girls at a winter party

A lot of you winter babies out there may think you have limited party options. Well, think again! Winter parties can be loads of fun for all ages.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a party in the winter:

  • You don’t necessarily need to pick a winter theme, however, this will also allow you to fully embrace the season. Themes could include, Winter Wonderland, News Years Eve Glam, Cosy Cinema Movie Marathon or a Frozen Fantasy.
  • Think about the venue carefully. If you are going to be outside, think about using a gazebo with some heaters or fire pits.
  • Include some cozy, warm decor. This could be fairy lights, fire places, blankets and LED candles.
  • What could be more comforting than a warm beverage to keep the heart and soul cozy? For adult gatherings, consider serving mulled wine, coffee, tea, or warmed whiskey or gin. At a children’s party, hot chocolate is a delightful choice. As for food, you could provide soups and stews, which are perfect soul-warming foods. Though, classic finger foods are always a reliable option.

Ultimately, when organising a party the most important thing to remember is to plan ahead and to be organised. Think about the venue, number of guests, budget and a theme.

Who are you throwing the party for? What are they like? What do they enjoy? Think about these questions, write down ideas, and get planning!

Check out our downloadable party planning checklist below!

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